Monday, 9 November 2009

I think I need therapy :D

HOW does a game become SOOOOO adictive??

I've been playing Farm Town on Facebook and think I should now be joining FarmTown-aholics! I spend FAR too much time tending to my crops, re-arranging my fields ........ and now I'm even working for other people!
I'm having so much fun - it's really relaxing to spend a bit of time to myself, growing fruit and veggies, and not getting cold and wet while doing it.
But I do wonder where it will end ??????? LOL

So, what do you think of the farm so far?


Beverly said...

I think you're right in line with a lot of us "farmers"! My husband hears it and starts mooing - he knows I've lost it!

Nadine said...

it becomes addictive when you're
hooked and eventually, when you're
bored, you end up playing it still.

that's what happened to me and I'm
not even playing farmville in my
account but my husband's ;)

Kim said...

I am so addicted; I play farmtown and farmville. I also love bejewelled blitz.

Deb said...

Hi Babs ~ Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. :o) I had to laugh at your Farmtown post. My daugher is HOOKED and keeps trying to get me to do it but I refuse. I know I'd be the same way and I have too many other things to focus on right now. Ha! Maybe after the holidays!