Sunday, 26 September 2010

I've Been Playing With PSE!

I've used Photoshop Elements forever (or so it seems) as my photo editing programme, but only ever really used it to crop photos. So I thought it was about time to learn how to use the other tools properly.

Step 1 - went out and bought a copy of Digital Photo Magazine with a DVD of PSE Tutorials (actually, it was the 40 border templates that caught my eye)

Step 2 - had a play with some of the tutorials on the free DVD following the instructions in the magazine.

Had great fun - not sure I totally understand why/how it worked, but as long as I can achieve the effects I guess that's the important part.

Here's a couple of piccies of my results :)

Lith Printing Technique

Before After

Mono Handprinted Look

Before After

I'll post some more later :)

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