Sunday, 1 April 2012

Falling a bit behind!

I can't BELIEVE it's really 1st April already! The past couple of months have been really hectic - hence no crafting :-( I've fallen behind with all my projects, so today I'm hoping to re-activate my crafting mojo ... even if it only goes as far as filling in my Log Your Memory diary (not added anything since January!)

The decorating of the living room is taking a lot longer than we had hoped - not helped by a couple of months of me being a bit low healthwise. My crafting kit is pretty much packed away in boxes still - not that this is any excuse for NOT filling in my diary! All that needs is a pen! So, I'll be printing off April's sheets tonight/tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm currently sitting here with the kids watching the Kids' Choice Awards and getting VERY concerned about how much I'm screaming lol. I must spend FAR too much time watching the kids channels.

In my defense, the celebrities aren't ALL under 21! Robert Downey Jnr is coming up soon!

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