Sunday, 10 January 2010

52in10 Page 2 - Goals 2010

I've managed to get my second page done tonight, less than 24 hours since the prompt was posted LOL. I get the feeling I'm being lulled into a false sense of security ..... they can't all be this easy but I bet they will all be this much fun.

2010 has started fairly well - we now have a proper floor in our kitchen! Just the skirting boards and painting to do and that will finally be finished after 5 years :)

I can also see my living room floor - well, half of it anyway. I'm slowly getting my life organised, but the biggest achievement is that I've finally accepted that it's not something that is going to happen overnight. I need to take baby steps - it didn't get messy overnight, so it's not going to get tidy overnight!

My weight has always been a battle, but I really do think I'm in a place now where I CAN and WILL win that battle. Again, it's baby steps, and I'm so pleased to have lost my first stone. I've kinda set my goal weight, although it's in liquid cement rather than stone - if I get to a weight where I'm happy, and it's not my goal, I know I can move that goal. I want to look good and be healthy - not a stick insect :D

Well, enough waffle from me for tonight - here's the layout!

I'm still a very new digi-scrapper, so would love to hear your comments!

The supplies all came from FaithSisters - the paper and flowers from the Consider The Lillies Kit, the frame from the Fun & Funky Frames Kit and the title is made using the Alpha: Invisible 3 Kit. The text is Papyrus.


Christi said...

Love your layout. One of my favorite colors is yellow. I like how the black makes it pop and how the word goals stands out.

Coley said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog barabara. Good luck with the digi scrapping, and beware its highly addictive! Also good luck with those 2010 goals. Karen x

Fiona said...

Great LO and all the best in achieving your goals this year.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Like the stopping to smell the roses one...that is soooooooo important.