Sunday, 17 January 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates .....

Prompt 3 in ScrapDolly's 52in10 Challenge has brought mixed feelings. The first part of the challenge was to go back in time and give some advice to a younger you. Well, I went back 15 years to a day which in hindsight was filled with mixed emotions, when my life could have turned out so differently.

It's been good to actually put my thoughts down on paper, even if they are hidden ... they are far too personal to blog. Although I've done this layout digi, it will actually be printed as two parts. Underneath the photo on the main page is a journalling block containing a letter I've written to myself - I doubt I would have listened even to me .... I didn't listen to anyone else LOL. The photo is of a beautiful sunset I took last year, as I didn't want the subject of my letter to be obvious. When it's printed, the photo and hinges will be stuck over the journalling to form a flap (hope that makes sense).

The second part of the challenge was to use a quote ..... thanks ScrapDolly - I've been waiting to use that one for AGES!!

Well, here it is :-

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Photographing Mom said...

Awesome job!! Love it. :o)