Friday, 1 January 2010

Nancy Drew Challenge!

Crikey - two posts in one day LOL.

I was reading someone's blog (sorry, I cleared my reader before noting down who's it was) when I spied THIS:-

I read EVERY Nancy Drew book I could get my hands on as a child/teen and LOVED them. This challenge really is up my alley - and I'm always up for a challenge.

If you fancy joining me, and quite a few other ND lovers out there in blogland, you can sign up for the challenge HERE. Although the challenge doesn't require a book review, I'm planning on writing one for each book so I can put together my own digi-album of Nancy Drew Mysteries!

Ooooh - I'm SOOOOO excited LOL,

1 comment:

Nadine said...

I'm not a fan of ND but my sister is (:
I'm more of a Hardy Boys reader XD