Friday, 9 April 2010

Been playing again :)

I've been having a play with my new PSE8 (yep ... another night when I can't sleep, although this time it's through PAIN! My whole body aches after only 3 evenings as dresser for the Gang Show, and there's still 3 performances to go!).

Bearing in mind that I've jumped from version 2 straight up to 8 (note to self - don't leave it so long to upgrade next time LOL), I managed to work most things out. However, I'm buggered if I can find my Magic Eraser tool! Think I'll hunt for that one when I'm a bit more awake :)

Here's the fruit of my labour - I absolutely adore this photo of Joe, as it really shows off his personality.

Papers from LivEdesigns Summer Sun Fun - Playground, Stripeys, SurfsUp and Sidewalk. Journaling Block from Jessica Sprague Home Away From Home kit.

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