Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ooooops - long time, no post!

Where did the time go??? Still, I'm back - and DH has been up to his wonderfulness again and bought me a 1TB External Hard Drive to store all my photos, digi-kits and digi-layouts on. I transferred what I had on my C-drive last night, and have used up a miniscule amount of space on the EHD! I'M IN HEAVEN ..... looks like I'll have to buy some more digi-kits LOL.

Got a busy week this week, as the boys are in the local Scout Gang Show and muggins here volunteered to help as a dresser :) and yes .... I'm having SOOOO much fun, although it is really tiring having to pick clothes up off the floor for a bunch of pre-teen girls LOL. I WILL get them hanging stuff up by the end of the week :) So glad I've got boys LOL.

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