Sunday, 18 December 2011

JYC - Traditions

Last year I started a new tradition. It all began with a new, black Christmas Tree - and of course with a new tree HAS to come new decorations.

I decided to go for a red and gold theme, although a bit of green and white also crept in. And the tradition?? Well, I bought a few REALLY nice, special decorations ... and I plan to add to them each year, building up our own family collection.

This year's decorations comprise of three lovely little snow globes - one for James, one for Joe and one for a Special Mum & Dad; a red "faberge" type egg which opens up so you can put a little gift inside (I'm ever hopeful lol); and a large, red message for Santa (about me, of course!).

Next step - to start an album recording our decorations along with their memories - eventually, the boys will be taking some of them with them as they fly the nest and start their own Christmas traditions.

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