Monday, 12 December 2011

A very eventful day!

It's beginning to feel more like Christmas in the Maynard house. This morning was Church Parade at the Christingle Service - this isn't held at our church so it was a little different ... a mix of the modern worship I now love, and the traditional service I grew up with. It seems that the church have been working their way through the nativity story during advent, and today was the arrival of the Shepherds and Angels. Lots of the children had dressed up for the occasion, and all came to the front of the church during the story - very interactive, with those of us left in the pews adding the sound effects for the 'wild and stormy night', the Angel's singing, and the lamb baa-ing lol. Once the Christingles had been passed around and lit, the lights were dimmed as we sang the Christingle Song - can't remember the words as I was seriously distracted by the wonderous looks on Toby and Ross' faces as they held their candles!

When Ian got home, we put up the Christmas Tree - the living room is still a tip, but the boys couldn't wait any longer. I started a new tradition in our family last year - one which Mum has been doing for a few years, and that's adding a few new decorations to the tree each year. This year's additions included a little snow globe each - one saying 'Merry Christmas Joseph', one 'Merry Christmas James' and one saying 'Special Mum & Dad'. I also bought one for Freya for her First Christmas.

So, another crafty project needs to be started ... an album of photos of our growing decoration collection!

Speaking of crafty projects, it looks like my JYC2011 album entries will be on an 'as-and-when' basis, as daily entries are not flowing - lots going on at the moment which is not crimbo related which is taking my focus elsewhere. But I'm sure it will make just as fabulous a memory!

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