Thursday, 29 December 2011

One Little Word 2012

So, I've been thinking about Ali Edward's 'One Little Word' so decided to check back through the archives to see what my word was for 2011 - only to find I didn't have one! The last (and first) word I set was for 2010 and was ORGANISE

Once again, I've been toying with a few words .... Peace, Calm, Live, Family ... or maybe even DECIDE!

Earlier this month I had a bit of a health scare - I found a lump in one of my 'girls' so dutifully went along to the Drs to get it checked out. After a course of antibiotics, it was still there so I went back, and was referred to the Breast Cancer Clinic at the hospital. After an agonising 10 days waiting for the appointment, I finally had a mamogram which THANKFULLY came back as normal. Speaking to the consultant, it turns out I have naturally lumpy boobies, which are just fat lumps. Oh the relief!

It may sound strange, but I really feel I've been given a second chance with my life, and have decided it's about time I LIVE my life rather than just EXIST in it.

So ..... my One Little Word for 2012 really needs to be LIVE!

Now I just need to decide whether to sign up for Ali's One Little Word class at BPS ;-)


Bernice said...

Really glad you've got lumpy boobs! Lol!

Do sign up at BPS. OLW 2011 was great and I'm expecting great things from OLW 2012. Are you already a member at BPS? If not, I will invite you and we can both get a discount!

MagicLady said...

I'm already a member Bernice - shame as the discount would have been good for us both.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Also glad you have lumpy boobs - or rather that it is just fat lumps.

My word for 2009, which was the first year I choose a word was Live!

Not done it via BPC, although I am a member, will have a look at their class and its cost as I am still considering my word for this year.