Saturday, 7 January 2012

6 days in and ......

the photo a day project has fallen apart! Well, actually that happened on the forth, but hey!

So, it looks like POTD is going to be Project Life .... photos of the important things, everyday things, and even the mundane .... just not every day. I'll still end up with a great record of 2012, and it will give me a chance to add more photos of the important things, rather than just trying to pick out one.

On a more positive note, Scrapbook Life 2012 is still on a roll. I've not got anything ready to post yet, but I have been playing with my doodles, prompts and calendar pages, and am going to Staples after work to get a binder, pockets and a few other bits. Then I'm going to spend some time over the weekend playing with papers and getting the binder filled. Piccies will follow next week ;-)

But most importantly, I'm enjoying doing the creative bits I have managed to do .... and even getting out of my box a bit!

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