Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wow - what a day!

I think the weather will be featuring in pretty much everyone's posts today. The weathermen certainly got today right.

At least the school run wasn't too bad, and today's pupil cancelled so I didn't have to try and fight my way through the Dartford Tunnel (which was down to one tunnel as the bridge was closed due to the high winds and so the other tunnel was coming southbound).

This was the view from my front door later in the morning - WOW! We've not had puddles like that for ages, but it didn't slow the cars down! I'm SO pleased I wasn't walking down the road.

A couple of hours later ..... brilliant sunshine! You can always rely on the british weather to keep you on your toes lol.

I'm now sitting down catching up on Eastenders with a box of tissues at the ready - funny how you can get so attached to a soap character.

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